The Cross Emergency Medical Clinic (CEMC)

Who We Are

The cross emergency medical clinic is a rural community charity Medical facility  that was formed to address challenges of health services and sanitation in the communities of Kidongole Sub County and Bukedea district.


Services offered by the clinic

It  aims at providing Health Education, treatment, disease control and care for all the vulnerable members of the rural community especially children and mothers the most affected group.

We also  intend to do this by undertaking free health awareness programs by public mass sensitization in radios, burial gatherings, churches and any other media platform, including forming up community drama groups to compose dramas and songs that educate the members of the public in this area.

Convinced that we are aiming at addressing the causes of diseases rather than just it’s consequence with much emphasis laid on sustainable health and sanitation programs, We are  involved in the implementation of programs like immunization, malaria, HIV, nutrition, housing and sanitation, family planning”, growth monitoring and promotion of breast feeding, antenatal cares, postnatal care (care of the mother after child birth), so us to reduce death rate caused by especially diseases.

Aware that such aspirations can only be realized through an organized medical facility that can administer treatment and health education to all people irrespective of your status was a motivational factor to the formation of the cross emergency medical clinic.


A communicable Disease free rural community with improved heath of mothers and children, improved education of child orphans and the vulnerable children leading to a better life for the people.


To improve health care through providing quality health services, safe and clean water, initiating income generating activities, health education and preventive health services for orphans, vulnerable children, Women and people living in our community.

Main objective.

To have a well functioning and self sustaining medical unit that will provide excellent medical care and improve the health of the surrounding people.


The cross emergency medical clinic is Found in the Western part of Bukedea District and is in the Southern part of Kidongole Sub County at Katekwan parish centre II.  22 km from Bukedea district.

The climate of Kidongole is typical modified equatorial climatic zone with both heavy rain falls and high temperatures.  Its annual rainfall is about 100mm with April and May receiving highest rainfalls in the first season, while August and September in the second season.

Iteso and Bagwere who speak Ateso and Lugwere respectively occupy Kidongole.  They mostly practice subsistence livestock and crop farming therefore having almost nothing for sale to facilitate their other basic needs like medication, education and clothing.

High child mortality and disease burden in Bukedea is because of structural changes with one health centre per sub county and in some cases with non to serve over 25,000 persons including one referral hospital in the entire Teso population of over 2.5million people  UBOs statistics  of which all of them are severely under stocked and understaffed serving  therefore expectant mothers Have  to move long distances of about 6km on average  to give birth or seek medical care for themselves and their children and to make it worse they have to stand in lines for hours waiting to be attended to due to huge numbers of people wanting to be attended to by a few medical personnel in the hospital. And  yet investors who would otherwise invest on health are discouraged in that the families have very little resources, there is also biting poverty among the parents and caretakers to pay their Medicare bills for their children with less focus on family planning with averagely 6.8 children per mother.