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Why are we doing this?

Problem statement
War, Starvation, poverty and disease are a harsh reality for the people in the impoverished areas of eastern and northern Uganda. Children in rural areas of eastern and northern Uganda like Bukedea

Due to poverty,this child’s parents ignored a small wound for 16 months hence cancer,


district are the most vulnerable due to previous wars that led to the death of many men and women who were rapped by the Kony rebels and other previous rebels, the Karamojong cattle rustlers who robbed the iteso of the only wealth they had explains why the east and north of Uganda is impoverished and malnourished — where 1 in 4 will die before the age of ten to treatable illnesses like Malaria. The average life span in Uganda for an adult is 48 years. And that is why Medical Charity in Uganda is vital for life.
• Can you imagine holding a dying baby in your arms or watch a mother crying because she cannot look after her children?
• Can you imagine walking 15 miles to Hospital whenever you needed treatment?
• Can you imagine being in labour and having to have your baby in the field, on the roadside, or in a market?
• Can you imagine growing up in a place where there are no toys, no footballs, no sweets and treats?
• Can you imagine growing up in a place where you lack the most basic things in life: food, clean water, safety, and a bed of your own?
• Can you imagine having to work in the field daily to grow your own food and walk 10 miles to school every day?
• Have you ever seen small children playing, knowing that their parents died and left them with AIDS virus?
• Do you ever think that the developing world needs to do something’?
This are real life stories in eastern and northern Uganda that only when you come to the real ground are things that welcome you to the real world of hardships and a life of total regret.