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Pastor Mubbi Simon peter

Pastor Mubbi Simon peter

Pastor Mubbi Simon peter born in Katekwan village in 1979 married to Deborah Naula who have been blessed with 3 blood children and 7 adopted children who lost both parents is Blessed to be the director of the cross emergency clinic.

He found the Cross Emergency Clinic after a survey organized by use of questionnaires in an attempt to find out the problems affecting the communities of Uganda in 2009 where Health was noted to be one of the major common reported problem in most of the questionnaires this is because people travel long distances of about 20- 25km to find the only Government grade III Hospital which are understaffed ,under stocked and with dilapidating structures hence such poor services, (No drugs in HOSPITALS)

This rates medical service in Uganda too low hence 60-70% of our people are left dying a forced death due to long distances traveled to find any form of medical facility or others dying due to lack of funds to pay for basic medical services and it was through this that pastor Simon peter prayed and thought of extending medical services close to Uganda community starting from Bukedia District and later to other Districts as the lord leads.

Great thanks to Dr Gregory who has made this vision a reality in terms of prayers and financial support thanks go to others who are standing with Dr Gregory still in prayers, finances.

Permit me also to well come more well wishers who may desire to join us in this effort in prayers and in monetary terms ideas that are constructive.
I would also desire to appreciate my board staff that is always available 24hrs to help me meet the vision, allow me also to thank God for my wife for she gives me enough time out of my house to ensure that I can dedicate my time to Gods work of the Cross Emergency Medical Clinic.

O”God thank you so much for counting me worthy a vision of healing your people with your word and your drugs AMEN.

NB, Thank you O” God for your son Dr Gregory who is making resources available at all times to make this work a reality for if it was not through you Dr Gregory,I would still be in the theatre of dreams un realized.
May God Bless you.


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